aGLaia uNiVeRSe : HEROes And HeRoIns Of 2067

   Last project of the trimester for the brave 5th grade of Primary Education, better said, for the HEROES and HEROINS of the future, since they have been chosen for a very important mission, to save the world from CHAOS that exists due to the elimination of the values ​​by the “hommo machine”. Thankfully, before everything happened, some guardians, from the hand of Beatriz Iranzo who is the creator of the project, hid messages encrypted after symbols to be deciphered by our children and manage to convey their message to reverse the situation lived since 2050

    In order to achieve this, our heroes and heroines have had to open their minds and pay attention to their imagination and creativity, since they have had to move to the year 2067, where society is isolated in a territory surrounded by mirrors, where There is the possibility of seeing nothing more than what they want us to see, sunk in a dark world, where there is no possibility of seeing bright colors sprout on the petals of the most precious flowers that existed before.

   The beginning of the project has led them to see the CHAOS through a video, which showed the destruction in which the planet has been involved, where all the people had become machines that repeated their actions without feeling, without values, without conscience, … all in a mechanical way. Once involved in the adventure, through the dynamics of SEE, THINK, WONDER, they managed to put their first impressions about the world in which they had to live, in addition to identifying themselves in history through a symbol that reflected their identity hidden so as not to be discovered by the villains.

   After a while and with the symbol of each one created, they had to be able to demonstrate what they were going to contribute to the project, what were the reasons why the society had to trust them, so that the achievement that reflected his personality in the game, they added four limbs, like arms and legs, with four sentences where you exposed their messages to reassure society and capture their attention and trust, in addition to commenting on what the adventure meant for them, transcribed in a mural where we have collected all his legacies.

    Until now, their adventures had been individual, but the time came when they had to come together as a tribe to join forces and achieve better convey the message hidden behind each symbol of each value, a total of eight different, such as: conscience, courage, hope, intuition, loyalty, justice, creativity and empathy. During this moment, the first minutes were for them, relaxed and lying on the ground, they had to think about the meaning of each value, what they identified it with, what magnitude it could have, where its importance resided, … Once they had made their introspective analysis, they were able to locate themselves in one of them, explaining the reasons why they were going to fight to transmit that value in the best way. Each hero and heroine chose a role and chose the place in the space where it would be most comfortable to describe the reasons why he had chosen it, and then put it back in its place. The objective of the dynamic was to get three brave in each value, as expected not come first, so we had to make changes and wise advice to achieve it and give each one the best value that represented and was able to to transmit.

   Once they have met the tribe to which they belong,they have met Mercedes Figuerola, author and writer of a multitude of children’s books, who will be who in a child story to our entire adventure through the Aglaia Universe. In addition, we have used the application created by Gammera Nest for the project to perform a search activity of the different symbols that represent each value, first having to train them with pieces that are out of order so that, once they are complete, go to search that is colored, hidden by the gym. Every time we find one, we have to check it with the camera of the tablet to unlock it and be able to move on to the next one. With this activity what we pursue is to give color to the different values ​​in the puzzle are black and white, but thanks to the work of diffusion of each tribe they can give color to transmit their message and change the situation of chaos that they are living, as heroes and heroines that are.

    Divided into tribes, it was time to shape a dance that identified each group of heroes and heroines who were able to transmit their value through body movement, hiding their message so as not to be discovered by the “hommo machines” but that It will reach all the people of the planet to open its mind and question everything that was happening, promoting a change in consciousness and looking for a path of hope. In this course of creation, we have met the guardian of the intiution, which is called Maria Isabel Lorenzo of FarmHouse Studios, is a producer, digital content journalist and traveler in time, who has taught us how beautiful it can become planet traveling many of the unexplored places to date by the human being and also, others that have been overexploited by the “machine hommo” destroying its purity and taking it to CHAOS.

   With the dance done and reserved for the council of tribes that we would have the last day, each group had to create the sketch and prototype of an ART-EFacto, using recycled material, that will help to fight the villains, improving the world in which we were immersed, with which to enhance the value of the message and expand the field of vision to capture the attention of a greater number of people, all this would be achieved thanks to the figure of the guard Carlos Paz, who called himself Chaman, who It conveyed the message that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, everything that the imagination is capable of creating, it is possible to transform it, we just have to find the way to do it.

   Through its language and presentation, it was enveloping us in its magic, deciphering secrets that a priori seemed impossible, such as walking on the River Thames or how to generate wind energy using a wheel, cartons and used cables. Stuck in this dynamic, we had to think about things that today seemed that could not be real and that would help us improve the world, for example a food reserve that never ended and that would feed everyone, be able to travel in time to change things avoiding major problems that occur as a result of our actions, … so the impossible goal we had fulfilled.

   Finally, after all this trip and all the creations that we have been making throughout the project process, it is time for all of us together, all HEROES and HEROINS of the three classes, to transmit all our feelings as a tribe, all our coded messages, masked behind an ART-EFacto and a DANCE and, above all, make a reflection on the importance of our participation in the project with the value that has been assigned to us, for can transmit it in the best way to get out of CHAOS in which we are immersed, defeating the “hommo machines” and returning to society the color that characterizes it, painted with hope, empathy, justice, …

   Finally, after all this trip and all the creations that we have been making throughout the project process, it is time for all of us together, all HEROES and HEROINS of the three classes, to transmit all Finally, and for this process to remain impregnated in all the places of the school, we have had the good fortune to meet the guardian of the painting, Kike Suárez, who has collected all our impressions to create a mural in which they remain All our words are captured in the form of a drawing, with which we can remember the just, brave, creative, empathetic, … that we have been throughout this adventure that has only just begun.

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